Getting Started with EnThinnai

Your buddies can use ffonio in to get your contact information or initiate a communication session with you. You can set it up so when a buddy initiates a session, you will know the context for that session. In this app, you and your buddies are identified by their Open IDs.

Once you have created a buddy list, you can decide to group them; you can set/change your availability status specific to an individual buddy, a group or globally. You can create Notes (like email, but better ' no spam); you can share files and finally you can share your contact information.

Admin Dashboard

The first owner of a new server installation will be an administrator. Administrators can add additional owners to the server, designate additional administrators. Also they will be able to blacklist or whitelist potential buddies that owners can include in their buddy lists.

Buddy List

Populate your contact list here, identified by their Open ID's in groups. This list enables you to exchange notes, share your status and contact information.

Address Book

View the contact information shared by your buddies, only registered users of EnThinnai have the facility to share information.

Contact Information

Store all of your contact information here and share it with buddies. Only permitted buddies can view the information shared.


Maintains the list of accesses made to your status information.

Note: Just because they are in your buddy list does not imply that they have added you to their list. Being in the buddy list is not mutual.

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