F fonio in is a self-hosted messaging application that allows friends and family to contact the host. The app uses "default deny" philosophy and uses a whitelist to control access. The application is browser-based and offers a host of useful features, both for personal as well as business uses. The application places limited requirement on the server. There is no requirement that friends and family be also running a similar server.
Currently we are conducting a technology review. If you are interested in participating in this review please read more about the app and then express your interest by filling out the Request Form. Note that you need to have an OpenID. You may have one already. if not it is easy to get one. Click here for more information.

  1. » OpenID as the authentication mechanism
    • OpenID as the authentication mechanism
  2. » Buddy list that acts as whitelist for who can initiate a session
  3. » Availability Status, customizable for each contact
  4. » Share profile and contact information with the buddies
  5. » Get contact information and initiate sessions with buddies who have their own app server
  6. » Generate context specific session initiation URLs
  7. » Ability to have a queued sessions
  8. » Admin functions
    • Adding/removing owners to the server
    • Specify white/black list of users that can be added to all the owner's buddy lists

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